The band was originally formed by the name of Chakra, in Oulu year 1998, by Jari Kelloniemi (A.R.G.) & Tommi Määttä (Sacred Crucifix). Chakra made two demos and few public appearances. This line-up broke up as the players moved around the country.

Jari moved to Tampere in 2004. Frustrated guitar player had decided to sell his gear and forget about the career in music business. A buyer candidate Jami Heikkala (Devil Manmade, ex-Distained) contacted Jari and after a few beers they decided to test some riffs and Chakra’s old songs together. Noticing the connection in the style of playing and musical interests, they felt like continuing these sessions. Not too much later they realized that they had a good pack of songs together but no band. The guitarists kept on polishing the riffs and songs and practicing by themselves for over a year.

In 2006 Jari found a drummer from a bar in Tampere. Timo Hanhijoki (ex-Crystalic) was interested about the project and decided to join in. The band kept seeking for a singer around the area of Pirkanmaa long and earnestly and finally in summer 2008 they found brutal-sounding Antti Murtonen to do the growls.


RuinsIn 2009 Corpset decided it was time for putting something on tape for real. After a few negotiations, the band decided that the best way to go was to record a full length album on their own expense. During the summer 2009 the recordings and mixing took place in various facilities and as a result were 10 songs that would form the debut album and three songs to be used in other purposes. These three tracks can now be heard in our Reverbnation page.

Corpset signs a deal with Violent Journey Records in February 21st, 2011 and debut album “Ruins” was released 27th of April, 2011


No RestAlready in their first album the band tastefully combined modern elements with more old school underground sounds and finished the package with some serious aggression and twisted melodies. Now with the second album “No Rest” the band sounds even tighter after cutting out all the slack. Finland’s leading metal magazine Inferno described the album as “a very unique, aggressive and interesting piece of music which might require quite a few spins at first to sink in while pondering the structures and riffs.”

”No Rest” was recorded by Jussi Kulomaa at MSTR-studios, Tampere during the year 2012. The album has nine tracks and total running time of 40 minutes.  It will be released in September 20th, 2013

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