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Finnish death-thrash metal band Corpset is about to release their 2nd album in September 2013. It is a follow up to their acclaimed debut “Ruins” which was released in 2010.

Already in their first album the band tastefully combined modern elements with more old school underground sounds and finished the package with some serious aggression and twisted melodies. Now with the second album “No Rest” the band sounds even tighter after cutting out all the slack. Finland’s leading metal magazine Inferno described the album as “a very unique, aggressive and interesting piece of music which might require quite a few spins at first to sink in while pondering the structures and riffs.”

”No Rest” was recorded by Jussi Kulomaa at MSTR-studios, Tampere during the year 2012. The album has nine tracks and total running time of 40 minutes. It is going to be released by finnish independent record label Violent Journey Records.

No Rest

1. No Rest
2. Piss On My Grave
3. Pitch Black
4. Lord Of The Flies
5. Prophet’s Opiate
6. War Inside
7. You Sin
8. Futile
9. Let The Shit Hit The Fan



“No Rest” is available at:
Swamp Music (finnish)
Levykauppa Äx (finnish)
Record Shop X (english)
Record Shop X (russian)

Order "No Rest" from Record Shop X